There are more ways to transport yourself than just running around! One of the many unique features of the Silent Server is its wide variety of public services. Listed below are several different types of transportation, including cars and subways. Just don't contribute to road rage!Edit


Buying a License

To buy a license to be able to drive your car (a suped-up minecart), you will want to go over to the DMV, located between the Bank and the Gas Station. Once inside, you will find a long line up to the front where you will be able to puchase a license. Once you are at the front, you will see the signs where you can purchase a license. Simply right-click the Sign and you will be charged $50 for a license. You can now drive your own MineCar!

How to Drive

To drive your MineCar, simply place a minecart onto the road and hop in. Once inside the car, move around as you would if you were walking. While driving, you can shift into three different gears for three different speeds.


/mcg 1,2,3 - Use this command to shift between gears.

/mcg fuel - Use this command to check your current fuel.

Subway TramEdit