You may purchase a Shop of your own at anytime. All Shops are located within the Rotunda Styled Mall building in the City, located by the Hospital on the southern side of the City.

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The new mall

You can then sell and buy in your Shop for prices you have set. Be careful when buying items in your Shop so that you don't bankrupt yourself (i.e. put up a chest where you buy iron ingots for X amount of $ and players just spam sell you their extra iron). Consider what you want to sell and buy carefully. Also remember to check on your Shop regurlarly so that you have enough items to sell and therefore make money. Also check the amounts of items you are buying so as not to get too many and lose money.

Setting up Shop

Send in a moderator request (/modreq) that you wish to buy a shop and one will be provided for you asap.

Cost per Shop: $30,000.(This only applies to players under the rank of Shopkeeper)


Shopkeeper is a Rank you can attain for $50,000 (granted that you have purchased all preceding Ranks). This Rank allows you to run your own shop inside the main city without needing an admin to adjust/add signs for you. This means that Signs and alterations to them no longer will cost you money. More information on the Shopkeeper can be found on the Ranks page.

Buying and Selling

Players that do not own a shop can still buy items from other players Shops but only players with a Shop may sell items in a Shop.

A Sign states the item and the price to buy (B$xx):and the price to sell it to the shop (S$xx).

-Right click the Sign to Sell your item.

-Left click the Sign to Buy the item.

Happy Shopping!