Server Features


  • Functional Cars.
  • Functional Banks with item storage Vaults and Interest System.
  • Fully Functional Subway Tram System.
  • Jobs System and McMMO.
  • Mall with Player Shops and an AdminShop inside.
  • Working Apartment Complexes ranging in price.
  • Sets of Suburban Locations to buy and build a House, or buy a pre-built one.
  • Purchasable lots and buildings inside the City to be a part of the ever expanding City!
  • A PMZ (Public Mining Zone), this is where you do all your resource gathering.
  • A Miners Guild with respawning mineral nodes! (Premium Donors Only)
  • A TTC Arena (Team Tower Control).
  • A Casino with playable Slot Machines and Blackjack Tables.
  • A Lottery.


If you do not have permission/access to a certain command, most likely it is because you are not the proper rank/Donor Tier for the Command!

<Required> [Optional]


General Commands

  • /dynmap hide/show - Allows you to show/hide yourself on the servers Dynamic Map.
  • /spawn - teleports you to spawn.
  • /home - Allows you to go to your home.
  • /sethome - Allows you to set your home.
  • /modreq <message> - Sends a request to available Admins (DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE REQUESTS, Multiple requests will result in Ban).
  • /kit starter - kit for starting palyers providing wooden tools and some food.
  • /kit armor, merc, archer, armor2 - All these kits require higher ranks/donor tiers.

Chat Commands

  • /msg <PlayerName> <Message> - Allows you to message other players privately.
  • /r - Responds to the last person you messaged/messaged you.
  • /mc create <ChannelName> <ChannelTag> <TagColor> - Creates a channel.
  • /mc join <ChannelName> - Joins the specified Channel.
  • /mc leave <ChannelName> - Leaves the specified Channel.
  • /<g/1/2/3> - Joins the Channel tied to that hotkey. G is always for Global Chat.
  • /mc hotkeys - Lists which Channels are hotkeyed to which hotkey.
  • /mc list - Lists all the Channels currently created.
  • /mc who [ChannelName] - Lists all players currently in the specified Channel.
  • /mc ignore <PlayerName> - Puts/Removes Player from your ignore list.
  • /mc ignorelist - Lists all Players on your ignorelist.

Currency/Economy Commands

  • /money - Shows your current Balance.
  • /money pay <PlayerName> <Amount> - Sends the specified amount of money to the specified Player.
  • /money <PlayerName> - Shows specified Players Balance.
  • /money top - Shows the Top 5 Player Account Balances.
  • /sb interest - Shows the Servers Interest Rate, and time till next disbursion.
  • /sb balance - Shows your current Balance in the Bank.
  • /lottery - Info on current and previous Lotteries.
  • /loterry buy - Buy a Lottery Ticket.
  • /jobs browse - Lists all available Jobs.
  • /jobs join/leave <JobName> - Joins/Leaves the specified Job.
  • /jobs stats - View your jobs' level and the experience.
  • /jobs info <JobName> - This command will show you information on the money/experience you get from this Job.

Residence Commands

Consult the Residence Page here for all commands

  • /res set <flag> <true/false> - This will set the specified to true/false.
  • /res info - Will show information about the residence you are standing in, if applicable.

Extra Commands

  • /bounty list - Lists all current bounties available.
  • /bounty new <PlayerName> <Amount> - Place a bounty on the specified Players Head!
  • /bounty accept <PlayerName> - Accept the bounty on that Players Head!
  • /mcstats - List your McMMO Stats.
  • /<SkillName> - Show your stats in the specified Skill.
  • /mctop - Lists the top 10 Players in McMMO.
  • /mctop <SkillName> - Lists Top 10 Players in the specified Skill.

Donor Commands

  • /flight toggle - Toggle your creative flying mode on/off.
  • /kit donor - This kit provides a free set of Diamond Tools/Sword.
  • /kit donor2 - This kit provides a free set of Diamon Armor.
  • /tpa <PlayerName> - Teleport to the specified Player, if they accept.
  • /tp <PlayerName1> <PlayerName2> - Teleport Player1 to Player2.
  • /tp <PlayerName> - Teleport to the specified Player.
  • /weather <sun/storm> - Change the weather to the specified state.
  • /time <day/night> - Change the time to the specified state.
  • /afk - Set yourself AFK.