Follow These SIMPLE Rules to make your and others' experience on the server the most enjoyable. Breaking the following rules will lead to warnings or an out-right Ban. If minor offenses are continuously repeated you will be banned. Remember to listen to Mods and Admins.

- No Resource Gathering in the Main World. IE: Strip Mining, Forest Clearing. (This is what the PMZ is for!)

- No client mods of any kind.

- No X-ray

- No spawner traps of any kind.

- No Speed hacks.

- Absolutely no combat logging.

- Swearing is allowed, just not too excessive. Be tactful.

- Respect and listen to Admins and Mods, this includes no backtalking/arguing with authority and begging/asking for items/money.

- No Griefing or stealing INSIDE the City.

- No Liquid or TNT Griefing outside the City

- Do not submit multiple Modreqs addressing the same topic.

- Do not Camp PMZ Spawn.

- No Griefing of ANY kind in the Creative World.

- No killing the poor Ocelots/Kitties! They are a protected species!

Just play fun, play fair and everyone will be the happier. There are no second chances.