Rank list, cost, and permissions

To Rank Up, there are signs located across from the McDonalds building in the black building pictured below that allow for autorankup if you are a non-donor. You must purchase all previous ranks before
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ranking to a higher level. I.e. to become a Merc you need to have bought Member and Citizen first. Beware that if you click a sign it will rank you to that rank no matter what if you have the money for it. So if you are a higher rank and click a lower rank, you just demoted yourself! Don't do this. Your ranks and money will not be refunded and you will have to rerank up.

If you are a donor submit a /modreq for rankup.
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These are the Autorank signs.

New - Free (Starting Rank)

  • /msg (PlayerName) (Message) - Allows you to message other players.
  • /jobs join/leave (JobName) - Allows you to join/leave a job.
  • /home - Allows you to go to your home.
  • /sethome - Allows you to set your home.
  • /money - Shows you your current balance of money.
  • /money pay (Player) (Amount) - Allows you to make payments to players.
  • /spawn - teleports you to spawn.
  • /modreq (message) - Allows you to request/talk to available Admins.
  • /kit starter - Gives you a starter kit with tools.
  • /dynmap show/hide - Allows you to show/hide yourself on the servers Dynamic Map.
  • Access to limited ChestBank storage.

Member - $5,000

  • Allows access to see current bounties out on players using /bounty list.
  • Allows access to use all public gates.
  • Allows access to the banks deposit/withdrawal feature for money and exp.
  • Access to normal ChestBank storage.
  • Allows access to Licence for car ownership.

Citizen - $10,000

  • Access to the first armor kit using /kit armor.
  • Allows access to set a bounty on a players head! Using /bounty new (PlayerName) (Amount).
  • Access to full ChestBank storage.

Mercenary - $25,000

  • Access to an upgraded tool kit using /kit merc.
  • Access to archer kit using /kit archer.
  • Allows access to accept a bounty! Using /bounty accept (Bounty#)
  • Allows access to locate coords of a player with the bounty on their head! Using /bounty locate.

Shopkeeper - $50,000

  • This rank allows you to run your own shop inside the main city without needing an admin to adjust/add signs for you.
  • Access to /ad <create> to create a custom Shop Advertisement for your Shop!
  • You get one shop inside the Mall for free upon obtaining this rank.

Format for making signs is:

The Sign must be placed directly over the chest.

First Line - Your Name

Second Line - Amount of the item you want per transaction.

Third Line - B(amount you will sell item for) : S(Amount you will buy the item for)

Fourth Line - Item that will be bought/sold from the chest.

Architect/Designer - $150,000

  • This rank will provide you with a free protection in the wild to build something amazing, more proections to follow depending on your creations.
  • Access to the second armor kit using /kit armor2.

Mayor - $500,000

  • This Rank allows you to own and operate your own city.
  • Access to the Residence create feature.
  • Commands will be provided to you upon obtaining this rank.

Trump - $1,500,000

Rank features still pending... But you sir, will be awesome.

Donator - Real Money

For Information on donating money and Donator Perks, Click the Link Below!

Donation Link!