Bounty hunting is a new fun feature on the server that adds to the PvP experience of the world. Players will be able to set bounties on other players, accept bounties to hunt down a player with a bounty on them and even locate the player that is currently being hunted down.

What you are able to do concerning bounty hunting depends on your current rank. First you will only be able to see current bounties, then as you rank up you can set bounties on other players and eventually accept bounties and locate players on the map.

As a member you will only be able to see current bounties using the commnad /bounty list.

Once you rank up to citizen you gain the ability to set a bounty on a player. If you've got beef with someone, this is a good way to show your rage, get your revenge and make them a wanted man. Use the commnad /bounty new <player name> <amount> to set a bounty on the player of your choice for the amount of your choice.

At mercenary rank you will be able to accept bounties set by other players. Use /bounty list to see available bounties and then /bounty accept <bounty number> to set accept a bounty. You may only accept one bounty at a time. Once you have accepted a bounty you can then use the command /bounty locate to get coordinates of the player who's bounty you have accepted.

Happy hunting!