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The Bank

Located throughout the spawn city are a few banks. These buildings can be spotted easily by the large dollar sign on their exterior. At each bank players are able to store money, xp, and items. Players can also earn interest based on the amount they have stored in the bank. The bank is only usable by players with the rank member or higher.

Money and Experience:

NOTE: You Must Have Member Rank Or Higher To Access The Banks.

Money and xp can be deposited and withdrawn from signs along the back wall of the bank. When you right click on a sign, it will cycle through bank modes. If you want to withdraw money or exp just set the mode to Withdraw and enter the amount of money or the levels of experience you want to withdraw in the chat window. You personal balance and bank balance will then be updated.

To deposit you right click on the sign and cycle to the Deposit mode. Again enter the amount you want to deposit in the chat window.

You can also wire money from your bank account directly to other players bank accounts by using the Transfer option on the sign. When you have Transfer selected, just enter in the players name(cap sensitive) followed by the amount. Ex: Aru 5000, to send the player "Aru" 5000 Dollars.

Interest is paid out every 24 hours based on the amount of money you have in the bank.

To see the server's interest rate and disbursion timer, use the command /sb interest.

To see your current balance and levels in the Bank, use /sb balance.


Players can also store a limited number of items in each bank using a special chest. The amount of Bank storage a player can store increases with Player Ranks. Everyone uses the same chest but each player will only see the items that he or she has deposited.

Use the bank as a safe place to store experience and items, and as a way to make just a little extra income.